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SOCIETY AGAINST THE STATE: ESSAYS IN POLITICAL ANTHRO-. POLOGY. Pierre Clastres. Translated by Robert Hurley in collaboration with Abe Stein. New York: Zone Books, 1987. Susan Love Brown. University of California,. San Diego. In this book Pierre Clastres criticizes the tendency of political anthropologists.
Society Against the State: Essays in Political Anthropology (Mole Editions) | Pierre Clastres, Robert Hurley, Abe Stein | ISBN: 9780942299014 | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon.
Can there be a society that is not divided into oppressors and oppressed, or that refuses coercive state apparatuses? In this landmark text in anthropology and political science, Pierre Clastres offers examples of South American Indian groups that, though without hierarchical leadership, were both affluent and complex.
Clastres, P. (1989 [1974]) Society Against the State: Essays in Political. Anthropology. Sparkling writing, and not naive ethnology at all, but a smart critique of the ethnocentrism and evolutionism of the ethnology of his day. Probably deeply flawed on the question of gender, on his understanding of how power can be imposed
Essays in Political Anthropology. By Pierre ... Clastres's thesis is that economic expropriation and political coercion are inconsistent with the character of tribal society - which is to say, with the greater part of human history. ... His books include Society Against the State (1974) and Chronicle of the Guayaki Indians (1972).
An Evolutionary Perspective (New York, 1962; 2nd edn 1971); A. Bard Schmookler, The Parable of the Tribes The Problem of Power in Social Evolution (Berkeley, CA, 1984); M. H. Fried, The Evolution of Political Society An Essay in Political Anthropology (New York, 1967); and M. Gluckman, Politics, Law and Ritual in
Society Against the State is a 1972 ethnography of power relations in South American rainforest native cultures written by anthropologist Pierre Clastres and best known for its thesis that tribal societies reject the centralization of coercive power. Clastres challenged the idea that all cultures evolve through Westernization to
Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Fried, M. H. 1960. On the evolution of social stratification and the state, in S. Diamond, ed., Culture in History, pp. 713-31. New York: Columbia University Press. Fried, M. H. 1967. The Evolution of Political Society: An Essay in Political Anthropology. New York:
Society Against the State. Essays in Political Anthropology. Pierre Clastres .... fClrm, eyen embryonic, of political power ... " (p. 212). By clearing this terrain, the author has secured his inquiry against the .... tence econom\' that archaic societies "have survived in a state of extreme underdevelopment up to the present time" (p.
For most people today, the state is the dominant political community of which they are members, and so citizenship is principally understood to reference the relationship between individuals or ... We are also concerned, therefore, with critical readings of cross-cultural narratives of political society and claims of community.

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